Social Media Influencers have open space for product placement, you have an Oppeo. 

Oppeos connects Companies with Social Media Influencers, Athletes, Musicians, TV Personalities, Models, and creative producers with opportunities for product placement inside of Entertainment and Social Media.  We are the first marketplace for music video product placement as a platform and are making connections with some of the most popular companies and brands . Here at Oppeos we believe that with today’s technology and connected communication through entertainment and mobile devices, advertising is useless and invertizing is what we have been waiting for. Yes Invertizing, we are inverting the old Advertising habits of interruption. We use a creative approach matching companies with  Influencers and Musicians to give you, the best creatives the opportunity to create a product placement post or video naturally. Whether it be on your social media platforms or these brands wanting you to act as a long term brand ambassador, Oppeos supports you through assistance in filming, editing, content writing, creating end-to-end website and marketplace support, plus much more. Our goal is to raise value in you and the product placement campaigns we broker and manage. 


How it Works

1. Sign-up on the Oppeos Platform by creating an “Oppeo” - you have open product placement space. 


 Some questions to speed things up:

  • Price- How much would you charge a business for one social media post on all your channels?


  • Audience Size- Add up all your social networks for total outreach.


  • Record Interactions- What personal creative content have you posted for the most views/interactions/likes?


  • Quantity Available- How many times do you feel comfortable posting on all your social networks in a 30 day period? 


  • Description- Just tell us a little about what kind of open product space you have available (music videos, your personal unique interactions with your audience and fans, do you have a physical business space you can promote services or goods at also, things like that).


2. After signing up you will be emailed for an invitation to chat or zoom to best match you with the companies you already believe and trust. (15 min)


3. Stand-by,  we already have dozens of companies that have paid to help them match with someone like you. 


4. Interested in having Oppeos help organically market your brand? Create a “Closeo”. You are closing on open product placement space. 


5. Are you a Musician and have your next songs ready to create into a music video? Create an Opportunity to have companies pay you now to have their product featured in your next hit. Email us now at to find out who is ready to pay you now. 






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